Frequently Asked questions

What is The History of Waist Beads

The history of waist beads dates back decades ago in ancient Egypt where waist beads were worn as a status symbol. West Africans wore them to attract mates and after women hit puberty. Besides being worn for sexuality, fertility and as a sign of womanhood, they were popular accessories worn for protection.

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Waist Beads

Waist beads are used for religious purposes, for beauty and for weight loss tracking (the beads become loose when you lose weight and get tight when you gain weight).

How Do I Tie Traditional waist Beads

Measure around the area you would like the waist beads to hang, remove the excess beads, make a pinch point and tie a knot (3 knots are ideal).

Are The Waist Beads Removable?

Traditional tie-on waist beads are meant to be worn permanently. If you want to remove them, cut the strand.

What String Do You Use for Waist Beads?

All our waist beads are made using 100% cotton strand.